Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy: Understanding Is Necessary

Finding out that your teen is pregnant brings lots of concerns for parents especially when you consider the harmful effects of teenage pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is one of the much too common adolescent problems that many parents face every year. Once you recover from the shock, you have some difficult decisions to make.

As soon as you know that your teen is pregnant, you need to discuss openly with her about these decisions and obtain medical help and advice. The first decision of course is whether to continue with the pregnancy, seek adoption or have your daughter raise her child herself. And understanding many of the effects of teenage pregnancy can help all of you in making this difficult but important decision.

Effects of Teenage Pregnancy You Need to Consider

It won’t be long before she will be experiencing the physical effects of teenage pregnancy. And with it, emotional effects tag along. Keep in mind that the physical and emotional effects are much greater for teens since they are sill in their own stage of grow and maturity.

Physical and Emotional Effects

Physical Changes

First of all, teens are not at all prepared for the physical changes that will be taking place in their body. By the time you find out, many changes have most likely already begun. And this has probably triggered much fear and confusion for your daughter. As previously discussed, their young bodies are right in the middle of a very important growth stage and taking energy away from their own needs for the development of a growing baby is very hard on the pregnant young mom’s own development.

Lack of Proper Nutrition

This can create developmental problems for both your daughter and her child. What this means is that excellent nutritional requirements must be meet immediately and continuously throughout the entire nine months and beyond. And most likely a good part of the pregnancy has already past before you even discover what is happening. This lack of proper nutrition can have long term effects for both mother and child.

Emotional Turmoil

The emotional turmoil created by the changing hormones and mood swings is difficult for many women to deal with. But when you add in the emotional issues of adolescence and the trauma of shame and embarrassment that many teens have to deal with at the same time, the situation is greatly intensified. This added stress can create additional problems for the growth and development of both your teen and her child.

Difficulty Completing Education

Higher drop out rates, lower grades and lack of higher education are some other negative effects of teenage pregnancy. Being pregnant and then trying to take care of a baby make it nearly impossible for young mothers to keep up with their school work and therefore their education gets put on the back burner and often times never completed. This has negative affects long into the future for both mom and child.

Problems Supporting Themselves

Many young teen moms end up with such low paying jobs that they end up having a hard time living above the poverty level or even making enough money to pay a babysitter much less pay bills. Or worse yet many end up on welfare, which is a difficult cycle to break. Unless there is family that can help them out, the future prospects don’t look good for many pregnant teens.

As you can see there are many effects of teenage pregnancy that will need to be considered and dealt with appropriately. This is one of the adolescent problems that can be a tough hurdle to overcome but one that you must find the courage to face for the sake of your daughter and her unborn child. Understanding what your up against helps you make good decisions that will benefit all of you.