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Marsha Beslic

Managing Director

Life & Parenting Coach

Marsha Beslic M.S.

Hello and welcome. As the managing director for Troubled Teen Solutions and a trained behavioral change expert, I have worked with parents and their children for over 20 years.

My experience includes teaching, counseling, coaching and being a parent myself. I speak from my own experiences and that of the hundreds of families I have worked with through difficult times over the course of my career. I have a master degree in counseling and education and numerous training programs in parenting, Montessori education, coaching and relationship building.

Please browse our site often, as we will be adding important and helpful material on a regular basis to help you and support you in the struggles and joys of parenting adolescents.

Yes, the joys. Sometimes we lose sight of the joys of parenting when the going gets rough. Our goal is to help you work through these trying times successfully so you can return to the happier more enjoyable moments of parenthood.

Our Philosophy

We here at Troubled Teen Solutions believe it’s important to keep things in perspective. Most teens do go through turbulence at some time during their adolescent years.

Some teens start their difficult times earlier than others and sometimes parents feel they have gotten by easy only to find out their teenager was just a late bloomer.

As parents or guardians we want to believe that if we do things differently than other parents or our own parents for that matter that we can help our children by-pass the troubled teen stage.

We think that if we build a close bond and always maintain open communication with our child that this type of special relationship could never be broken. These steps do help and are necessary ingredients for any relationship with your teen however; they can’t guarantee that problems will not arise at some point during your child’s adolescence.

A necessary developmental stage

Remember, breaking the parent/child bond is a necessary developmental stage for your teenager. Rebelling is what allows them to mature into independent thinking and capable adults.

Sometimes teenage rebellion can be fairly mild and pass easily without creating much turmoil, while other times it can be very difficult and troubling times for teens as well as for parents.

Sometimes the better you are as parents the more your teen will rebel as it is the only way for your teenager to break that close bond and truly become their own independent self. When the going gets tough, we are here with helpful information and support.

You may need to do more then just ride through it

However, after having said all of the above, there may be times during these turbulent years between 12-18 (and even sometimes between 8-21) when much more needs to be done to help out your at risk youth then just letting him/her and yourself ride through it.

There may be times when you aren’t sure your child will survive their troubled teens and times when you aren’t sure you will. These are the times when you need to reach out for professional help.

On this site you will find many professional resources to help you reach out to your struggling teen and support for yourself on how to cope.

This is where we can be most helpful to parents or guardians. If you find that using the recommendations and tools provided for you on our site don’t resolve the issues creating the turmoil between you and your child, we offer parent coaching services as well.

Your own stage of loss

One final thing for parents to remember, this is also a stage of loss. As your teen goes through this process of moving into adulthood this newly maturing adult person is slowly replacing the child that you have grown to love and care for all these years. It’s hard for us to let go and allow them to move on.

Many parents describe it as having their child there one day happy and loving, and the next day that youngster leaves their body and the person taking over their body is someone they don’t know, recognize or understand. You may find that everything that used to work in dealing with your child no longer works and you feel hopeless and unable to cope.

You must allow yourself to feel that sense of loss and to grieve for what will no longer be and reach out to others for the support and guidance you need. Support is key to your own emotional health and well being when dealing with your at risk teenager.

Reach out to everyone and every source of information that you possibly can. Please use this site for the support and resources you need to help you reach out to your struggling teen. We understand and we are here to offer hope, parent coaching and other working solutions.