The Basic Facts of Signs Of Bipolar Disorder

Considering the signs and symptoms of Bipolar Disorder can be confusing as sometimes the symptoms are such that people may believe that the behavior is somewhat normal.This is often true when examining the behavior in teenagers whose behavior is often times rather erratic.

And the Signs Of Bipolar Disorder may be easier to recognize from an outside perspective than by the person suffering from the disorder. So parents are a better judge of their adolescents symptoms than asking the teens themselves.

Primary Symptoms

Mood swings are the major signs of bipolar. These mood swings are dramatic and will go from one extreme to the other. They are unpredictable and can occur for no reason.This sounds like the behavior of many teenagers but what needs to be considered here is extremes of these type of typical adolescent behaviors that appear to be much worse than other teens the same age.

Bipolar is classified as having two phases, hence the name bipolar which means two phases.

Manic Phase

The signs of bipolar include the manic phase. This is also mentioned as hypo-mania or bipolar mania. This phase is considered the “high” of bipolar disorder because of the symptoms. The symptoms of the manic phase include:

  • Euphoria Feelings
  • Easily Irritated
  • Excessive Talking
  • Racing Thoughts
  • Higher than Normal Self-Esteem
  • Excessive Energy
  • Spontaneity

Depressive Phase

The other phase that is including when accessing the Signs Of Bipolar Disorder is the depressive phase. This phase is also referred to as bipolar depression or major depression. If the manic phase is the “high”, so the depressive phase is the “low”.

The symptoms of this phase include :

  • Low Self-esteem
  • Extreme Sadness Feelings
  • Low Energy
  • Loneliness Feelings
  • Slow Speech
  • Poor Concentration
  • Desperate Thoughts
  • Weak Coordination
  • Lack of Interest in Activities

Bipolar Diagnosis

Someone who has diagnosed with bipolar must show symptoms from both of the Signs Of Bipolar Disorder above. Having just one phase is not a sign of bipolar disorder, but possibly of other mental disorders. Only a trained professional can accurately diagnose bipolar disorder.

Both phases of bipolar are severe when they occur. It is important that at the first Signs Of Bipolar Disorder to get help. The Signs Of Bipolar Disorder as well as the mood swings will be more likely to noticed by the people around you.

Bipolar can effectively be treated and the extreme mood swings are able to be controlled through treatment. Someone with bipolar disorder can easily make it through daily life with the proper therapy and medications.

When it comes to diagnosing and treating adolescents with Bipolar Disorder, parents need to consult with professionals and the sooner the better. Yes, many of these behaviors are typical of the developmental stage of teenagers but the extreme behavior of Bipolar should be treated.