Teenage Suicide: A Cry For Help

Being a teenager is never easy, demands and pressures go along with it, which can in some cases end up in teenage suicide. And for teens that have additional burdens, such as an abusive or unstable environment, life can be more complicated. These plights can be draining and can lead to teenage depression if they go on too long without remedy or help.

This can cause depressed teens to think the only way out is teenage suicide. When adolescents have difficulty figuring out who they are, they might experience role confusion. The inability to solve core conflicts can also follow and result to depression. In dealing with suicidal tendencies, information and understanding is crucial.

Understanding More About Teenage Suicide

Suicide is the ultimate form of self-destruction. Perhaps one of its predisposing factors is due to an individuals poor coping mechanisms. Ending ones life can be planned or it may happen impulsively. Warning signs include talking about suicide, giving away possessions, pulling away from family and friends, and engaging in self-destructive behavior.

Often times, teens that commit suicide feel lost and alone. Believing they have no one to hear their problems, these teenagers express themselves through ending their lives. Perhaps it’s their way to send a message across and be heard.

Why Do Teenagers Turn to Suicide?

Youth often face tough circumstances, that overwhelm and can leave them strained. So to escape from a situation that seems impossible to deal with, teens might think that dying is the only means of escape from this ordeal.

Other reasons include feeling unwanted or experience loss and hurt. Adolescents are in the process of building their personal identity and also trying to conform to society’s acceptable behavior. If society deems them as not acceptable, teens may feel rejected. This rejection can cause teenagers to feel down.

Depressed teenagers focus on their failures and disappointments. They often forget about their capabilities and concentrate on the negative area of their situation. Depression can cloud your thoughts in a way that you can’t overcome obstacles. Without realizing that ending your life is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

Establishing Good Coping Mechanisms

We all struggle with different problems and experience painful events. How can teenagers get through these without succumbing to killing themselves? Staying connected with family and building a strong support system can be helpful. Having someone to confide in during times of difficulty can also help them cope better.

Another way to fight against teenage suicide is to keep in mind that every problem has its solution and is temporary. Being around people who care and have an optimistic view in life might be what is needed. Trying to sort out problems with a therapist or counselor can help as well.

Teenage suicide is a serious matter to deal with. Getting help as soon as possible for signs and symptoms that might lead to someone ending their life is essential. The more information you have on this topic the more able you will be at preventing your own child from taking such a drastic step.