Teenage Bullying – Survival Tips

Many teens today are afraid to go to school due to problems they face with teenage bullying. Facing bullies at school, at extracurricular activities and even online is a difficult situation that affects many of our students daily. This constant badgering can cause serious emotional harm, which may include teenage depression.

And the worst part is that many of these victims are too afraid to report it. And for those that do reach out for help, the support they desperately needs goes unanswered. This is often due to the fact that many adults aren’t aware of the seriousness of teenage bullying or truly don’t know how to handle it.

Bullies mostly focus on kids who are perceived to be more vulnerable or just different in some way. This harassment is so severe in many cases that it gets in the way of learning and leads the teen to view going to school as a miserable experience. Hence, it is useful for all adults to know about this issue and learn how to help teens survive teenage bullying.

Teenage Bullying and Its Effects

Teenage bullying happens when a person is picked on for a repeated period of time by an individual or group with more power, in terms of physical strength or social status. And the two main reasons why a teen is bullied are because of appearance or social standing. Bullies harass their peers who they think don’t fit in, act or look different or due to a difference in race or religion. This can be in the form of physically attacks, shoving, tripping or verbal insults through teasing among others.

So, how does this affect our youth? Being terrorized makes children feel unhappy, lonely and unsafe. And studies show that kids who are abused by their peers may develop low self- esteem, teenage depression, anxiety and experience stress. And in severe cases this may lead to suicide or attacks on others when they finally snap.

Teenage Bullying Survival Tips

Here are some tips that you can use to fight physical or verbal bullying.

Walk Away If Possible

First, ignore the bully and walk away. You need to know that bullies achieve the feeling of success when they get a reaction from you. Hence, walking away tall with your head held up high can send the message that you are not vulnerable and you just don’t care.

Hold Your Own Anger

Second is to hold your anger. Now, who wouldn’t get mad when someone harasses you? But this is the response that bullies are trying to get from you because they want to know that they have control over your emotions. So, express your anger in another way and don’t let the one bullying you be satisfied.

Build Self Confidence

Next is to practice confidence and take control of your life. With confidence in yourself, you know more about yourself and the things you are capable of so any words from bullies can’t put you down. And remember that no one can control your life for you. Thus, find a sport or any area where you can excel in and hone your skills to feel strong and powerful.

Reach Out to Adults for Support

In teenage bullying, you can be affected emotionally that can lead to mental health problems. And you may also find your studies affected as well. If you undergo this situation, try to follow these tips and realize that you aren’t the one with the problem. You haven’t done anything wrong.

Having said that, keep in mind that if none of these techniques work or the problem is extensive, seek the help and guidance of adults. Let teachers, coaches, parents or any adults that you trust know what is happening. Don’t suffer alone. Teenage bullying is a problem with the kids doing the bullying and they need to be confronted and pay the consequences for their behavior. And the bullying must be stopped as soon as possible before things get out of hand.