Stress Reduction Techniques for Parents of Troubled Teens

Being a parent is not easy, but being the parent with cancer of a troubled teen can be overwhelming.

Studies have shown that parents in today’s society have a much smaller social support group. A diminished amount of support creates higher stress levels for parents, friends, family, and children. A cancer diagnosis only complicates this. This is greatly amplified in families who are dealing with a teen having problems.

Research has proved that stress is more than a strong emotion it is a corrosive state of mind that affects everything it comes in contact with. This one factor can cause the deterioration of already fragile ties in families coping with complications. For this reason, it is even more important for parents to find ways to lessen the strong feeling.

A Key Factor in Finding Relief is to Develop a Well-structured Support Group

This may include:

  • Established support groups with other parents dealing with similar problems
  • Medical staff, such as a counselor
  • Other family members outside of the household
  • Friends and neighbors

Invest in Personal Interests

This means that it is essential to participate in activities that provide a pleasant distraction. If there are no current hobbies, this is the perfect opportunity to start looking into things that are of interest. Consider gardening, puzzles, playing musical instruments, training the family dog in agility or obedience, restoring a vehicle, woodworking, or painting.

Begin Planning for Individual Time Away

When dealing with a situation that is very stressful, it is a great idea to have time away from the issue as well as time alone. The combined approach of being alone and away allows a person to focus and re-balance. Taking up hiking or walking is a great example, also try finding a quiet place to meditate or practice yoga. Taking the time to listen to soothing music can also help lessen stress levels as well.

Maintain Proper Nutrition and Exercise

This is particularly true for those coping with aggressive cancers like mesothelioma, which my friend Heather has. These are two key factors are essential for anyone to be better able to handle any type of situation. It is a fact that stress wrecks havoc on the immune system. If a person is ill, tolerance and ability to cope with issues is seriously reduced. A good diet will help the body stay healthy, and exercise can lower the physical effects of stress.

Regardless of the choice in how to lower stress levels when dealing with a troubled teen, it is important to discuss with a trained professional the issues that are being dealt with.

Guest Blogger:

Jack Bleeker
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Guest Blogger