Parenting Styles: Which One Is Appropriate For You

Often times parents raise their children without even thinking about parenting styles. Most parents disciple the way their own parents did or perhaps the exact opposite if they disliked what their parents did with them. However, once kids reach the adolescent phase and problems arise with out of control teenagers, many parents question if their own style of parenting is in need of updating or a complete overhaul.

So, if you’re now wondering what parenting styles may have a better effect on your adolescent, it’s a good time to examine some of the types and discover where you fit in. And then determine what you can change to improve the situation with your teenager.

Keep in mind that some children who are raised in different environments still grow up with similar personalities. However, there are also those who share the same environments but end up with different personalities. Thus, it is essential for you to understand the basic parenting styles and relate them to your own teen. This way, you can choose the one that will be appropriate for your own and your teen’s personality.

Four Basic Parenting Styles

Authoritarian Style Of Parenting

In authoritarian parenting, you set strict rules that must be followed dutifully. And failure to respect these rules often results to severe punishment. As an authoritarian parent, you try to be in control in every situation and leave no room for your teen to have a mind of their own. This can result in an obedient teenager or a totally rebellious one. But either way they will lack in happiness and self-esteem.

Authoritative Parenting

If you use this style, you can teach your child to be responsible and to think of the consequences of his or her action. You can do this by setting clear and reasonable limits and expectations. Also you need to explain why they are expected to behave in a particular manner. This is often the most appropriate method for raising responsible adults that can make their own decisions.

Permissive Parenting Styles

If you are a permissive parent, you have little in the way of demands. Disciplining is not your priority because you usually have low expectations of being responsible. This type of parenting may result in troubled teenagers because they rank low in happiness and self control.

Detached Parents

In this type, you have little communication with your teen, few demands and little responsiveness. Though you provide your child’s basic needs, you still are not hands on in taking care of teir discipline or even time to nurture them appropriately. This can result in kids who have low self esteem, lack self control and are less competent than their peers.

Which Type of Parent Are You?

Now, that you have a idea of what these different styles are and their impact on teenagers, you might wonder why these vary so much from parent to parent. Culture, personality, family size, parental background, socioeconomic status, level of education and religion all affect the reason a person chooses one of these parenting styles over the others. So, which style is most useful for rearing your teenager?

If there were a cut and dried answer to this question there wouldn’t be so many problems raising kids of all ages. This is something you must decide for yourself and your family. But do keep in mind that in most cases it takes a combination of several styles to make a good basic style. There are situations that call for one type and situations that will call for another. And you need to remember that none of these parenting styles will work unless you build a loving bond with your child.