Parenting Skills for Teaching Children and Adolescents Right From Wrong – Part 1

Most of us realize that one of our most important jobs throughout our lifetime is parenting and as a parent one of our most important jobs is to teach our children right from wrong. This is a job that requires good parenting skills and one that we must begin when our children are young and continue right on through into the adolescent years and beyond.

Along with this responsibility we must teach them how to become adults that enhance the quality of life within our society. This means helping them to understand the importance of morality, social values and the role they need to play when it comes to their own social responsibility.

So how do we go about accomplishing this important but often difficult task laid out in front of us?

Even though many of us would like to believe so, giving birth to our children doesn’t mean that we will automatically know how to effectively parent our children. Many parents just rely on the skills handed down to them by their own parents and wing the rest. This doesn’t work very well especially when our parents’ own skills weren’t so great to begin with. Also when you factor in the latest changes and stresses from the fast paced society of today, unless you reach out for some help with better parenting skills, you might find this a very difficult if not impossible job indeed.

In order to take this job seriously, you will need to acquire parenting skill to fulfill your job description in the most effective way. This is the same way you would approach a new job that you are totally unfamiliar with so why not approach this job the same way? You would never take on a complicated career that required specialized skills without getting the necessary education so why would you take on the most important job of your life without the proper skills and training?

So what basically are the parenting skills required to do this job of teaching your children and adolescents right from wrong?

First off you will need knowledge of child and adolescent development, specific parenting tools on discipline and communication and it always helps to know how to teach children and teenagers. On top of these very basic parenting skills there are a few other core skills that you will need to perform your job of imparting right and wrong effectively to your children.

These skills include:

  • Learning the most effective way of paying attention to and spending quality time with your child or teen
  • Learning to be a parent that has the proper level of control so children know who is ultimately in-charge
  • Learning how to stay calm in heated situations and modeling the ability to stay calm and deal rationally with difficult situations

Having these three core abilities will allow you to deal with your children all the way through the most difficult of the adolescent phases. These skill will require some adjustment as your children age but the basic ideas will continue throughout your role as a parent.