Out of Control Teenagers

A teen with problems is one thing but once the behavior reaches the level of what we all refer to as out of control teenagers, this is something altogether different. This is a category that must be taken seriously and parents shouldn’t hesitate for one moment longer to reach out for help. This is the point where you ask the really difficult questions about how bad things truly are and if they are that bad, how did they get this way?

When it comes to out of control teenagers, you must honestly evaluate the situation to determine exactly what are the symptoms of your child’s behavior. And then decide what problems must be addressed immediately.

Following is a short list of warning signs and behaviors that you should examine. It’s also important to write down your thoughts on each one. This will help you get started with understanding how you see the situation as far as your own out of control teenager is concerned.

Behaviors and Symptoms of Out of Control Teenagers:

Issues with Self Esteem –
Is your adolescent suffering from low self esteem or perhaps low self confidence? Are they having difficulties fitting in at school or lacking in friends to relate to? Are they being bullied or perhaps bullying others?

School Problems –
Have grades or performance in school or sports activities taken a sudden turn for the worse?

Acts of Violence or Anger –
Have you noticed escalating anger or violent outburst?

Sudden Changes in Their Personality –
Are you aware of actions that are totally out of character or mood swings that are difficult to understand?

Signs of Alcohol or Drug Use –
This includes changes to behavior, being more secretive, hiding out and generally bizarre behavior such as the other items on this list.

Self Destructive Behavior Patterns –
Have you noticed any signs of self cutting, suicidal tendencies or behaviors? Are there drastic changes to weight, eating habits or exercise?

Isolating or Withdrawing from Family and Friends –
Do you notice more time spent shut up and away from family and friends? Maybe there is more time spent on the computer or sleeping and less interaction with people.

Paranoia or Extreme Fears –
Do their fears seem out of whack with the reality of the situation?

Extremes in Rebellious Behavior –
Have you noticed an escalation in acting out behavior and excessive rebelling of rules and requirements? Has talking back reached an all time high? What about stealing or damaging property or hurting other people?

Not in Touch with Reality –
Are there bizarre comments that don’t seem to make sense or ramblings that don’t seem to go anywhere in particular?

Be sure to answer these questions honestly and thoughtfully. And include as many specifics as possible of these behavior patterns typical of out of control teenagers. Make sure to get feedback from the other parent, family members as well as friends and school teachers or counselors if at all possible.

Once you have completed this exercise, you will have a better idea of the extent of your child’s situation. However, keep in mind that no teenager is going to exhibit everyone of these, especially not all at the same time. What you’re looking for is a pattern of these types of behaviors.

Often times we do our best to deny that the problem is as bad as it really is and fool ourselves into thinking it’s typical and this too shall pass. Putting the reality down on paper forces us to bypass that denial and face the fact that it’s time to address the situation. Out of control teenagers are difficult but not impossible to get back under control once you actually admit to the problems and deal with them.