Obesity In Teenagers: Causes And Finding Relief

Obesity in teenagers is an increasing problem nowadays. And this can add to the other adolescent problems that most teens experience. With puberty comes many physical changes that makes teens even more conscious about their appearance. And as we all know, being overweight is definitely harmful to one’s health.

That is why obesity in teenagers is a serious issue. So, if this a problem with your own adolescent learn ways you can help them to be fit and healthy thus reducing the risk of diseases and the emotional pain of being overweight.

Causes of Obesity In Teenagers

Poor Food Choices

One of the causes of obesity in teenagers is the poor choice of foods. Not taking the time to eat right, may lead to eating meals from fast food restaurants as they are quick and easy. And this can result in unhealthy eating behaviors and severe weight gain due to these unhealthy food choices.


Another cause is stress. Often, teens become emotional eaters and turn to food for comfort. Being a teenager, can bring with it a lot of pressure, from school or peers that cause an overload of stress. And to overcome stress, overeating ends of being the answer.

Lack of Proper Exercise

The lack of exercise is also a cause of this problem. With modern technology, adolescents enjoy indoor activities that don’t require physical exertion. Many of today’s youth spend much of their time facing the computer, watching television or text messaging. This eliminates the chance of some form of exercise like walking, running or sports.

Relief from Obesity In Teenagers

Eliminating obesity in teenagers can be as simple as reversing the three listed causes provided above. However, for extreme conditions be sure to seek professional help.

Chose a Healthy Diet

Yes, the most important step is to eat a balanced and healthy diet. This is important for a number of reasons including the fact that a growing adolescent needs to get plenty of the proper nutrients. Involve your teens in meal time by encouraging them you join in the preparation of the meals. This will help them to learn how to make the right choices and what it takes to put together a balanced meal.

Discover Healthy Way to Handle Stress

We can’t eliminate stress but better coping skills can be taught. Teach yourself and your adolescents relaxation techniques, deep breathing and even meditation. Your kids will learn a lot just from watching you make these and other healthy lifestyle changes in your own life.

As They Say… Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Regular exercise is necessary. And just as important as having good nutrition. Activities such as swimming, playing basketball, cleaning the house or even walking can be a good form of exercise for improving health and looks.

And keep in mind that your love and support can serve as motivation for your teens toward achieving a healthy self. So be there for them to talk, to learn from and lean on as needed.

Obesity in teenagers can cause low self-esteem as well as having harmful effects in one’s health. That is why this is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored. And don’t tell yourself that it’s just a stage and it will pass on it’s own. The teenage years is the right time to lose those extra pounds and learn how to be healthy and stay fit. This something that will be helpful to them for the rest of their life.