Looking at Alternative Schools and Camps For Troubled Teen Students

There are times when troubled teens may require more help than their parents can reasonably offer them. This is by no means an insult on the parent’s abilities. Only the parents of troubled teens can really understand the predicament that parents of teens in crisis face.

There are a number of options available to the parents of troubled teens. If all of the community home based sources of help have been exhausted and it has not been enough to alleviate the problems, you may want to consider sending your teen in crisis to one of several different types of alternative boarding schools or alternative camps for troubled teens. This article will offer a brief overview of the different types of available alternative boarding schools and camps.

Alternative Schools & Boarding Schools

Boarding schools that specialize in helping troubled teens are often referred to as private boarding schools. Different private boarding schools work in different ways, although many offer tuition for periods of between 3 and 6 months and also offer follow up tuition and support to help continue the help once the teens are back at home.

Alternative Schools & Military Schools

Military schools, while not actually being military schools in the traditional sense, do offer a very regimented way of life, but it is an orderly way of life with set routines for troubled teens to follow. This implementation of routines can be beneficial to teens with behavior problems, but it is unusual for this approach to give a positive long-term effect for teens that are in severe crisis situations before attending these programs.

Alternative Camps & Boot Camps

Boot camps are supposed to be a short, sharp shock treatments that will essentially scare troubled teens and put them back on the straight and narrow. Again, these types of institution do not offer the level of support that is usually required once the student returns home. Boot camp will usually last between one week and one month.

Alternative Camps & Wilderness Camps

Wilderness camps are also seen as a quick and easy solution to the problem of troubled teens, but they also lack any after care or support once the child is back in his or her home environment. Wilderness camps, as the name suggests, will see your teenager in the wilderness fending for themselves for a period of between one week and one month.

Alternative Schools & Troubled Teen Group Homes

A troubled teen group home, otherwise known as a residential treatment center is a center where parents can send their children for between 6 and 12 months to deal with any number of crisis situations. After care is still limited, although many centers do run after care programs that you and your son or daughter can attend even once they have left the institution. When combined in this nature, they are an excellent resource with positive, long lasting effects.

A Long Term Solution Is The Best Solution

Of all the alternative schools for troubled teen students, many only offer a short-term fix and once your child is back within your own home environment they are likely to slip back into their old ways. Boarding schools or a combination of residential treatment and after care seminars and groups usually show the best results. In the case of military schools, wilderness camps and boot camps, the solution is a short one that invariably breaks down when back at home.

Alternative Schools For Troubled Teen Children

There are several different alternative schools for troubled teen children, but the best programs for troubled teens appear to be those that offer an excellent level of care while the child is in the program but also a high level of after support. This after support will usually come in the shape of groups, seminars and possibly one on one meetings. This gives you the opportunity to help with the treatment of your son or daughter.