Common Reasons Why Teenagers Drink

There are many reasons why teenagers drink. During this period, teenagers encounter numerous adolescent problems that cause them to want to escape. However, teens nowadays also find drinking a pleasurable past time.

It seems that with each passing year, the age for those who start drinking is getting younger. The need to experiment on new things also contributes to the reasons why teenagers drink. Adolescence is a time of experimentation as teens test out this new feeling of growing up.

Reasons Why Teenagers Drink – Experience the Thrill

Experiencing a new kind of thrill is on the mind of many teenagers. They are curious about how alcohol can affect them. They just want to try the fun brought about by drinking.

The media is another aspect to consider in teenage drinking since it has a great influence on our adolescent population. The media messages do have a great impact on their behavior and judgment. They tend to view what is being advertised as good and as a result they view drinking as exciting, pleasurable and grown-up.

Forming Relationships and Peer Pressure

Adolescent problems such as having a hard time in forming relationships may arise. Kids who are identified by peers as outcast and not included in social groups may exhibit low self-esteem. An unfavorable self-image may develop as well. This can eventually lead to depression. In this state, troubled teenagers turn to drinking as their way to forget their problems.

During adolescence, peer groups take on great importance. They provide a sense of belonging, pride and social learning. Peer pressure is also one of the reasons why teenagers drink. They are not yet mature enough to handle the pressure exerted by the group. And so if the members of the group drink, one is pressured to drink to be considered a part of the group.

Channeling Frustrations Through Alcohol

It is at home that teens usually feel the security and happiness they want. But what if the problem roots in their homes? When these kids are faced with parents divorcing, too strict or always nagging, they channel their frustrations to other forms. An example is drinking alcohol.

Alcohol is the most abused drug and is a central nervous system depressant. Relaxation and a state of euphoria are two of its effects. The euphoric state brought by the intake of alcohol is what teenagers are after.

Approaches To Help Prevent Teenage Drinking

Adolescence is the period during which the person acquires a personal identity. Teenagers who are accepted, loved and valued by family and peers generally tend to have confidence. This confidence contributes to them having high self-esteem. Having established a good relationship with others, teens develop a favorable self-image. They feel good about themselves thus avoiding many problems.

As parents you should also monitor the whereabouts of your children. This will help you to know if your kids are in bad company. An honest and direct conversation is also vital in approaching your teens. A supportive but not interfering family is also essential.

To help avoid the reasons why teenagers drink, they need consistency in guidance. Parents need to find a good balance between being too lenient and too strict with their kids. They should be given the independence they can handle though restrictions need to be presented in a manner that makes your adolescents feel loved.